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Who we are?
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What is 100% Garifuna

Our Mission

100% Garifuna is a website that is part of Grupo Waporu. Our main focus on this site is to relatively provide guidance and information about your basic needs. We have concentrated in providing Consumer Information by joining forces with the Federal Trade Commission. The information provided will make each and everyone of our loyal visitors to knowledgable of the general consumer issues.

Our History

As a parent contributer to Grupo Waporu Online and the Garifuna University site, 100% Garifuna has been involved within the community during the year of 2001. Events that included Garinagu personalities as: Mohabob Flores, Aurelio Martinez, Garifuna Legacy and the many bands have been featured in our events. Also by joining forces with Grupo Waporu and students throughout the city of New York, we were one of the websites to officially endorse a political candidate to run for office during the Primary Elections of New York City (WAGUYA LUAGU FERRER LUN GALIDI).